26, 27 and 28 October, Addis Ababa will become Africa’s dance capital! Organised by DESTINO Dance Company, Ethiopia, this first of its kind international festival will bring to you dancers from all over the country and across the world.


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ADEY Project

Preserving Ethiopian Cultural Heritage

ADEY Dance Festival is part of a wider programme, co-funded by the European Union, the Swiss Development Cooperation and other international and local sponsors, that aims at preserving and promoting cultural heritage in the country. Upstream of the festival, an in-depth research journey was conducted on traditional dance and the production of a film and a book documenting the values, stories and meaning behind movement. 

DESTINO is committed to communicating across languages and cultures

using dance and help carry the Ethiopian identity

through the country’s ongoing economic, social and environmental transformations. 

The Dance Festival

The First International Dance Festival in Ethiopia

ADEY International Dance Festival in Ethiopia will be held from the 22nd to the 29th October 2017 with workshops, exhibitions, screenings and conferences taking place in several cultural centres and other venues. The dance performances will be staged from 26-28th October at the Alliance ethio-française and the National Theatre.

The Festival's programme will include performances from: seven regional dance groups, a group of blind dancers, a group of dancers with physical disability, two commnunity dance groups of Addis Ababa and five international dance companies from Japan, Slovakia, Spain, Tanzania and Uganda. Moreover, DESTINO Dance Company will also perform and DESTINO choreographers will be presenting a master piece that will get more than 80 dancers on stage!



Oct 19, 2017

6:30 pm - Alliance Ethio-Française.

Exhibit Launch - The Adey Journey.

Photo exhibit tracing the dance journey undertaken by DESTINO in 2017 in seven Regions of Ethiopia exploring traditional Ethiopian dance.

The exhibit will run until 4th November 2017.

Oct 25, 2017

6:30 pm - National Theatre

Opening Day - ADEY Festival

  • SNNPR Regional Dance Group

  • Together Dance Group (visually-impaired dancers, choreography by Addisu Demissie, DESTINO) Ethiopia – T’ilke Birhan 

  • Mademoiselle Cinema, Japan – Red flower, White flower

  • Tigray Regional Dance Group

  • DESTINO Dance Company, Ethiopia – Teret Kale

Oct 26, 2017

8:00 pm - Alliance Ethio-Française.

Day Two - ADEY Festival

  • Beninshangul-Gumuz Regional Dance Group

  • Ethiopiawinet

  • Batalo East, Uganda – Nambi IV, The Present Past

  • Amhara Regional Dance Group

  • Les SlovaKs, Slovakia – Journey Home

Come early! Effoi will be on-site serving their famous freshly-made pizzas!

Oct 27, 2017

1:00 pm - Alliance Ethio-Française.

Afternoon Show - ADEY Festival

  • Adey Documentary Film Premiere

  • Samwel Japhet Silas, Tanzania – Children of the New World

  • Gambella Regional Dance Group

  • Ye Adugna Meseret Dance Group, Ethiopia – Behind the Curtain

  • Somali Regional Dance Group

Come early! Effoi will be on-site serving their famous freshly-made pizzas!

Oct 27, 2017

6:30 pm - National Theatre.

Grand Finale - ADEY Festival

  • Oromia Regional Dance Group

  • DESTINO Dance Company, Ethiopia – Fit ena walla

  • Active Bodies (group of disabled dancers, choreography by Junaid Jemal Sendi, DESTINO), Ethiopia – Chelotayen ayawkum

  • Kukai Dantza, Spain – Gelajauziak

  • DESTINO Dance Company, Ethiopia – Adey (performed by over 80 dancers)

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international dance companies


Five world-known companies will join us in Addis: Mademoiselle Cinema from Japan, KUKAI Dantza from Basque Country, Les SlovaKs from Slovakia, Muda Africa from Tanzania and Batalo East from Uganda.

Kukai Dantza (Basque Country)
The Kukai Dance Company offers contemporary dance based on the most deep-rooted traditions of culture from the Basque Country. The company is considered to be a reference point in present-day culture in the Basque Country thanks to an original new style which is recognisable on the international scene.
Les SlovaKs (Slovakia)
In what has been referred to as "New Traditional Dance", Les SlovaKs have developed
a way of dancing and performing together from playing with their shared history and
references. They use Slovak traditional dance as a source of
inspiration. Not to recreate but to find and apply what is valuable and
enriching. They maintain their
Slovakian influence in an atmosphere of pride and playful competition, an appetite for
virtuosity and extreme physicality, and an ethical poetics of love for life.
Mademoiselle Cinema (Japan)
Mademoiselle Cinema is a dance ensemble founded in 1993 by choreographer Naoko Ito. The dances are quite unique and free from traditional styles of modern dance technique, sometimes incorporating theatrical interludes and film clips, resulting in loud acclaim from the audience. As it is often said that the modern age is the age of women, Naoko Ito consciously chooses to use only female dancers to create a piece. She attains herself to the stories or memories that each dancer carries in her body.
Muda Africa (Tanzania)
Samwel Japhet Silas's artistic journey started at the Centre for Street Children ‘Makini’ in Dar es Salaam Tanzania where he learned acting, traditional dances, modeling, theatre and English language. Later he studied at Muda Africa Dance School, where he was able to learn contemporary dance, Tanzanian traditional and African dances, this enabled him to go deep in understanding dance and choreography. His ambition is to expose the audience to daily life situations in Tanzania.
Batalo East (Uganda)
Batalo East was formed to link and strengthen the traditional and urban arts together – to encourage innovation in the arts, preservation of culture, and ultimately, the development of young people who have strong roots in their home culture, a sense of identity and place, but who are also equipped with skills and confidence to engage and contribute to an increasingly internationalized and borderless world.
DESTINO Dance Company (Ethiopia)
DESTINO Dance Company merges Ethiopian traditional dance and contemporary dance. Choreographers get inspiration from Ethiopian history, traditions and landscapes. DESTINO has been awarded nationally and internationally by the artistic quality of its work and its social programmes in Ethiopia and leads the contemporary dance sector in Ethiopia. DESTINO organises ADEY Festival in Addis Ababa.
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At the Festival's Grand Finale, Adey piece, choreographed by DESTINO, will be accompanied with the live performance of Yameral Hagere Traditional Band. The band will be performing indigenous Ethiopian traditional music.

Contact and tickets

Get your tickets for an unforgettable show!

Tickets will be on sale starting from Saturday 21st October!


Ticket Prices:

- One show = 200 ETB

- Full Festival Package (over the three days) = 500 ETB

- One show - Student = 100 ETB - (valid student card requested or ID for under 18)

Permanent sales (inquire staff):

Tryst Cafe (Olympia) map: Monday to Sunday 8am - 8pm

Le Louvre Hotel-Restaurant (Haya Hulet) map: Monday to Sunday, 10am -10pm

Steam Cafe (Sarbet) map: Monday to Sunday 7am - 7pm

Dok Restaurant (Medhanialem Church/Edna Mall) map: Monday to Saturday, 11am - 10pm


Pop-up sales (DESTINO table):

Hilton Hotel 

*Oct 21st - 11am - 3pm // 5pm - 7pm

*Oct 22nd: 11am - 3pm

*Oct 23rd - Oct 24 - Oct 25: 11am - 2pm // 5pm - 7pm

Lime Tree (Kasanchis) -

*Oct 21 - Oct 22: 11am - 2pm

*Oct 23 - Oct 24 - Oct 25: 11am-2pm // 4pm - 6pm

Tickets will also be on sale at the door of the National Theatre on Oct 26, Oct 28.


For all enquiries: Demeke - 0912960059 and Claire - 0938596861. 


ADEY project has been only possible by the joint effort of many different stakeholders such as the European Union, the Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, development agencies, cultural centers and theatres, local and international sponsors, self-funded international dance companies, and many volunteers and individual donors. THANK YOU.

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Co-funded by the European   Union

DESTINO traveled through the country to conduct a research project on the various forms of traditional dance using movement as the main mean of communication. Dancers from the company conducted exchange workshops with local dance groups blending contemporary dance with traditional movements. Highlights from DESTINO’s visits to Amhara, Benishangul-Gumuz, Gambella, Oromia, Somali, SNNPR and Tigray. In each region DESTINO teachers and dancers closely worked with local dancers and documented the specific regional traditions, values, songs, movements and stories that form Ethiopia’s diverse cultural heritage. 


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